Maran Hai! Our Hiyuv to the Gedol Hador

Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef Zasa”l. It is heard to say the “Zasal” after saying the name of Maran Harav Ovadia. I really don’t feel worthy to say anything about Maran so all I want to say is the few things he would be telling us if he were with us today.

A) Learn Halacha- people don’t learn enough Halacha LeMaaseh. Is is that hard to take out a Yalkut Yosef which is found in virtually every Sefaradi Shul in the world or a Kisur Shulhan Aruch Gantzfried and to get down some basic Halachot every day? For those who don’t speak Hebrew there are still tons of Sefarim you can find- they have Kitzur Shulhan Aruch in English from many publishers. For Sefaradim, they have Yalkut Yosef in English, they have HaRav Reuven Amar’s Kisur Shulhan Aruch, they have Anshe Hayil and many many more. I think this is one of the things that Maran really devoted his life to as you can see from his Sefarim. Most of his Sefarim were published on Halacha. If you’re a Lamdan take out a Yabia Omer or Halichot Olam and see his beauty. For those who don’t understand there is Daily Halacha of Mori WeRabi HaRav Mansour Shelit”a which has 1000’s of Halachot Al Pi Pesakav Shel Maran HaRav Ovadia Zasal. Maran writes in Yechawe Da’at 6:52 about this Inyan and writes that instead Baale Batim getting taught Daf Yomi in their Zeman HaLimud they should Halacha. See what Harav Moshe Levi Zasal says about this in Wehaer Enenu. That’s it, there are no more excuses- if you love Maran, learn Halacha and become an expert. There is much more to say about this ואכמ”ל.

B) Daven that our Bene Yeshivot will not get drafted. Maran Zasa”l, as we know lost his eldest son Rav Yaakov Zasa”l who was by the way an unbelievable Talmid Hacham, never mind the fact that he was the son of Maran. Maran said to Bibi Netanyahu who came to visit him (paraphrase) “I have a lot of pain over the loss of my son, but the Gezera over the Bene Yeshiva pains me more.”  Enough said. 

If I missed anything, comment.

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  1. Yosef

     /  October 28, 2013

    Please, I asked a couple of times, it is a important Halachic importance.
    Please quote me the full Teshuva of HaRav Musafi Shelit”a (Q&A 57,505) on smoking.
    It is greatly appreciated

  2. Is it that hard to take out a modern, corrected Mishne Torah and sit down and study it? The *should* be one in every shul 😉

    • Learning Mishne Torah would be the equivalent of learning the Ri”f in the back of the Gemara. A person needs to learn all the books that’s for sure but there is an order. A person must first learn the things that are 100% applicable.


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